Thursday, January 22, 2009

la la la la~

been thinking what to post maa..
long time no see the other two...
i've been busy at my other blogs (yes, blogs) too..
and the li form thingie already ok laa..
but the fyp is not

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where did I get my wallpapers?

Salam. Got nothing else to post so i'm sharing my wallpaper source XD

>>>For starters go here (i like the texture he used in his works)
no registration needed

>>>More wp and links here
no registration needed

>>>I got my anime wp from here (since i cannot access deviantart from hostel)
limited access without registration

>>>and for my phone (they got stuffs like wp,themes,ringtones,etc for every kind of phone)

p/s: i change my desktop bg frequently so these kinds of sites are my answers.. they got me interested in photoshop (and illustrator..) in the first's funXD

Friday, January 2, 2009

mr rubik's cube~

The purpose of this post is to introduce one of my toys, mr rubik's cube ^^
He was born in 1970s in central europe i think.

The one on the right is a magnetic acrylic one. I want one of that too!

Rubik's cube disassembled.

My own rubik's cube. A standard 3x3x3 version.

There are more variations of rubik's cube: pyraminx, megaminx, skewb, sudoku cube, etc. Out of these, sudoku cube is much more difficult to solve.

So far i've only solved it once..with much help from some internet articles ;D

Other puzzle in the room..the ship...

Happy New Year to all

Hi..happy new year to all my friends. to quenn,sorry to hear about your beloved laptop.i suggest that u buy another one laptop just for backup.hehehe..u can sell all your 'karya' to exchange with new laptop =p..about me, i love and also hate to change my old life..i hate the difficulty how i am now.but, it give many motivation to me to be independence in life.because, to achieve all my ambitions, i must go through this way. Motivator always said that successful person is someone that love to face the difficulty and challenges in life.i will post photos about me next quenn and muahaha, good luck!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

(unofficialpost) -_-"

>>>Gue buhsan...

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