Friday, January 2, 2009

mr rubik's cube~

The purpose of this post is to introduce one of my toys, mr rubik's cube ^^
He was born in 1970s in central europe i think.

The one on the right is a magnetic acrylic one. I want one of that too!

Rubik's cube disassembled.

My own rubik's cube. A standard 3x3x3 version.

There are more variations of rubik's cube: pyraminx, megaminx, skewb, sudoku cube, etc. Out of these, sudoku cube is much more difficult to solve.

So far i've only solved it once..with much help from some internet articles ;D

Other puzzle in the room..the ship...


Mocha Inc. said...

amboi quenn,bkn main byk rubik's cube dia!


Mocha Inc. said...

x ah.. ade satu jek senanye..yg laen tu hiasan semata-mata ;DD

m U c h ! k said...

oh ship itu.. beli kat TS kan.. da ade bndera mesia plak eyhh

Mocha Inc. said...

quenn: hmm..aku x bape ingt da beli katne..
hoho patriotik kapal aku tu >_<

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